FIFO Investor empowers FIFO workers from around Australia to make better financial , and personal choices for their family and future. The FIFO Investor community was established due to an increasing demand for information within the industry for workers who are often starved for time due to the unique fly-in fly-out lifestyle.

There are many industry specific health issues within this sector, both mental and physical, as well as a large gap in financial education which can leave workers feeling helpless despite the large salaries associated with this type of work.

FIFO Investor aims to educate people with community based discussion on health issues and an option to easily access finance professionals well seasoned at assisting those in the FIFO sector.


With trades playing such a major role in our economy, Tradie Advantage was constructed to connect trade workers with professionals who can assist in employing simple strategies to leverage your position as a tradesman. Take advantage of your tax, super and income, and invest in your future.


The Fit Healthy Wealthy community acknowledges the importance of balance in life, providing a channel for information that empowers Australians to take control of a healthy lifestyle through an abundance of knowledge across fitness, health and wealth. We work with professionals from all sectors to provide relevant information to the community and to connect.


A community centred on a love for a balanced lifestyle. A place where ambition meets fulfilment incorporating all important aspects of health, beauty, wealth creation and a forward – thinking way of life.


Helping everyday Australians understand their options when it comes to superannuation. With so many super options available to working Australians, it is essential that they understand the different types of funds and their specific benefits. My Super Options is here to aid in the investigation with an unbiased approach to understanding super.


Investing Hacks

Provides the latest tips, tricks and expert information to help you increase your wealth through investing – making your money work for you.


Footy Experience

Whether you are into League, Union or AussieRules – Footy Experience will put you in the thick of it all with great prizes up for grabs including exclusive memorabilia, premium tickets all for a truefooty experience.